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Six Sigma Green Belt

Our intense 5-day course will teach you the tools and methodology of a Six Sigma Green Belt. The Green Belt course is full of games and simulations. We can customize the course for onsite training.
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Six Sigma Black Belt

Our intense 5-day course will teach you the tools and methodology of a Six Sigma Black Belt. The Black Belt course is full of games and simulations. We can customize the course for onsite training.
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Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Our intense 2-day course will teach you the tools and methodology of a Six Sigma Yellow Belt. The Yellow Belt course is full of games and simulations. We can customize the course for onsite training.
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Lean Agent (Lean Green Belt)

Our intense 4-day course will teach you the tools and methodology of a Lean Agent (Lean Green Belt). The Lean Agent course is full of games and simulations. We can customize the course for onsite training.
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From Our Clients

  • During the week of January the 28th Kevin Clay came in and presented a group of us with the Lean + Six Sigma Quick Changeover Event. During this training session Kevin blew our minds and changed the way we think. It’s not about getting rid of people or spending huge amounts of money, it’s about teaching people how to think differently and find ways to eliminate waste. I would gladly do this again. Oh and don’t be late from breaks.
    Andrew Ponder, Bottling Supervisor, Perrnod Ricard

  • I took the Online Lean+Six Sigma Green Belt Course through Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. The online course materials are very comprehensive and well written. The scripting is nicely paced and easy to follow. The change in the speakers’ voices and practical applications / knowledge checks help to keep you engaged. I have been involved in Process Improvement for over 5 years and have read a lot about Lean but these courses have really given me knowledge that I can apply.
    Evelyn Coble, System Redesign Coord

  • The Online course from Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. was a great experience, on-line and in the classroom. The interactivity of the on-line course was excellent. You can quickly apply examples and learning. The tools that we learned were very easy to learn and were value added to my current position. I would highly recommend this course to all that are trying to lean / improve their processes.
    Linda Morales, United Launch Alliance

  • I attended a Six Sigma training class where Kevin was the instructor. Kevin had great insights and details, along with in-class demonstrations, which better aided all the students in their learning and professional advancement.
    Jason Elliott, Account Executive

  • I have attended three Lean Six Sigma classes led by Kevin. Kevin is a subject matter expert (SME) when it comes to the processes and disciplines of Lean Six Sigma. He is an excellent leader, communicator and teacher. His toolbox is full of practical and personal experiences needed to guide students into becoming Lean Six Sigma practitioners
    Russell Reynolds, OTR DRIVER at FFE

  • Kevin Clay is a highly skilled Six Sigma instructor with a breath and depth of experience that is unequal to anyone else in the industry. I completed my Six Sigma Green belt training class led by Kevin. The tools, examples, class exercises and knowledge Kevin shares during the course on how he routinely solves complex problems for a diverse array of industries is priceless. I highly recommend Kevin Clay to any organization that wants their people trained by the best.
    Michael Monin, Senior IT Manager

  • Kevin Clay was my instructor for my Lean Six Sigma classes. Kevin posses keen insight into Lean Six Sigma methodologies, his knowledge coupled with his diverse hands on work experience was invaluable and enabled a learning environment for myself and the class that was easy to understand and enjoyable. I would recommend Kevin as an instructor and as a consultant
    Art Flores, NPI Technical Program Manager

  • Kevin is an outstanding Six-Sigma professional with stellar accomplishments and a remarkable breadth and depth in Lean Six Sigma practice. He is an excellent leader and instructor who shared valuable practical examples, case studies, and insightful demonstrations that made the training lively and productive.
    Sunil Hattangady, Product Management

  • Kevin provided Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to ten of us. He was an experienced teacher who not only taught the concepts well but was able to relate them to lots of practical and industry experiences he had faced. Kevin is clearly an expert in the Lean Six Sigma area and an excellent teacher and consultant.
    Anant Jain, Manager, Advisory at KP

  • Kevin was my Six Sigma trainer in DFW. In a class of diverse backgrounds, it was refreshing to watch him actively engage all participants. His expertise is apparent in his break down of the material and the training extended beyond the classroom, with industry specific resources he shares with participants. All in all an exceptional trainer!
    Sheen Andrews, Global Management Co

  • SSDSI's instructors and consultants are the best teachers and promoters of Lean/Six Sigma that I have seen to date. Their enthusiasm for wanting to help companies be more productive, more efficient and more profitable through the tools of Lean/Six Sigma is evident in their straightforward teaching. Their enthusiasm is contagious and will be an integral component in helping us to implement and sustain the tools of Lean and Six Sigma.
    Richard Nornhold, Manager

  • Kevin Clay, the president of SSDSI, has provided high quality training in theory of constraints, six sigma, and lean methods to over 120 of my hourly and salary associates. His approach is user friendly yet has appropriate detail and rigor to impart understanding at the intended level of the student. He is easy to work with and effective, I would recommend him to any company looking to have professional instruction in lean, six sigma, and theory of constraints.
    Chris McHugh, Director of Manufacturing

  • Having recently taken a Lean Six Sigma training with SSDSI, I found that their personable style and in-depth knowledge/experiences proved to make the perfect blend, which kept me engaged throughout the four-day seminar. They also did a wonderful job of getting the dozen or so participants equally engaged, making it a highly interactive program. I'd gladly take a training session again with the SSDSI Instructors.
    Ronald (Ron) Niland, Project Manager

  • The SSDSI Consultants are the most effective Lean and Six Sigma trainers that we have employed. I highly recommend them to assist any company in its quest to improve by implementing the principles and tools of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma.
    Victor Coburn, Plant Manager

  • I took the Lean and Six Sigma White Belt Webinar from SSDSI. The Webinar was a nice quick review of the basics! Thanks!
    Anthony Studebaker

  • I recently attended the Open Enrollment Six Sigma Green Belt course in Dallas Texas. I was so satisfied in the experience and easy going approach that I will continue on with the next phase which is the Lean Agent Course. I highly recommend Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc. training for those managers who desire to make their operations more efficient and bring their organizations to the next level.
    Anthony Garcia, General Manager Mining Industry

  • Several of ny colleagues and I took the Free 4 hour Lean and Six Sigma White Belt Course held monthly by Six Sigma Development Solutions. It was a very informative webinar. I now understand both Lean and Six Sigma at a Summary Level.
    Dawna DeBlieux

  • I took the Six Sigma Development Solutions Free Lean ans Six Sigma White Belt Course. The course was Quick, Easy and Fun.After the four hour course, I am more informed about both the Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies. Take a few hours for yourself for this free webinar. It is well worth the time and effort.
    Steven Prodoehl

  • The "Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma" Webinar is an excellent introduction! It gives the student a clear understanding of Lean and Six Sigma. The 4 Hour Course gives you enough detail but leaves you with the desire to learn more.The exercises, video's and other adult learning tools help to convey the instructors point.
    Xiaoying Hu

  • Kevin Clay has been working with Superior Industries Fayetteville as a contractor for Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) since March 2013, when he began training employees for our new Lean and Six Sigma Initiative.
    In Phase I of our initiative, he trained and certified 11 Lean and Six Sigma Green Belts. Phase 2 recently began, during which Kevin is training 20 new Lean and Six Sigma Green Belts and 6 Six Sigma Black Belts. Kevin facilitated two Six Sigma projects, two Lean Kaizen projects as well as two 5S Events during Phase I and has four projects scheduled for Phase 2.
    Phase I projects have proven to be extremely valuable to the company with a significant ROI. We are looking forward to the four phase 2 projects that are in process as well as a Black Belt Project. Kevin is a Lean and Six Sigma professional, able to effectively transfer his extensive knowledge to others. He also maintains the ability to oversee multiple continuous improvement projects, which increases his value to this company.
    Larry Goodall, Director of Human Resources Superior Industries Fayetteville

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